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06/06/17 Air New Zealand and Air New Zealand Link Cancellations.


The following Air New Zealand and Air New Zealand Link flights did not operate today:

NZ407 Auckland – Wellington
NZ414 Wellington – Auckland
NZ521 Auckland – Christchurch
NZ532 Christchurch – Auckland
NZ5003 Auckland – Napier
NZ5008 Napier – Auckland
NZ5035 Auckland – New Plymouth
NZ5036 New Plymouth – Auckland
NZ5065 Auckland – Nelson
NZ5068 Nelson – Auckland
NZ5810 Wellington – Hamilton
NZ5813 Hamilton – Wellington
NZ8031 Auckland – New Plymouth
NZ8032 New Plymouth – Auckland
NZ8126 Tauranga – Auckland
NZ8129 Auckland – Tauranga
NZ8143 Auckland – Tauranga
NZ8149 Auckland – Rotorua
NZ8163 Auckland – Gisborne
NZ8164 Gisborne – Auckland
NZ8172 Gisborne – Auckland
NZ8201 Auckland – Blenheim
NZ8204 Blenheim – Auckland
NZ8230 Wellington – Rotorua
NZ8231 Rotorua – Wellington
NZ8266 Auckland – Kerikeri
NZ8275 Kerikeri – Auckland
NZ8860 Paraparaumu – Auckland
NZ8861 Auckland – Paraparaumu.