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10/05/17 Air New Zealand and Air New Zealand Link Cancellations.


The following Air New Zealand and Air New Zealand Link flights did not operate today:

NZ515 Auckland – Christchurch
NZ519 Auckland – Christchurch
NZ526 Christchurch – Auckland
NZ530 Christchurch – Auckland
NZ5062 Nelson – Auckland
NZ5069 Auckland – Nelson
NZ5084 Nelson – Auckland
NZ5117 Palmerston North – Christchurch
NZ5178 Christchurch – Palmerston North
NZ5184 Christchurch – Palmerston North
NZ5185 Palmerston North – Christchurch
NZ5331 Wellington – Christchurch
NZ5333 Wellington – Christchurch
NZ5336 Christchurch – Wellington
NZ5337 Wellington – Christchurch
NZ5340 Christchurch – Wellington
NZ5341 Wellington – Christchurch
NZ5348 Christchurch – Wellington
NZ5382 Christchurch – Wellington
NZ5387 Wellington – Christchurch
NZ5616 Christchurch – Hamilton
NZ5617 Hamilton – Christchurch
NZ5701 Christchurch – Invercargill
NZ5704 Invercargill – Christchurch
NZ5717 Christchurch – Invercargill
NZ5741 Christchurch – Dunedin
NZ5742 Dunedin – Christchurch
NZ5743 Christchurch – Dunedin
NZ5746 Dunedin – Christchurch
NZ5749 Christchurch – Dunedin
NZ5750 Dunedin – Christchurch
NZ5759 Christchurch – Dunedin
NZ5771 Napier – Christchurch
NZ5772 Christchurch – Napier
NZ5782 Christchurch – Rotorua
NZ5785 Rotorua – Christchurch
NZ8761 New Plymouth – Christchurch
NZ8807 Tauranga – Christchurch
NZ8830 Christchurch – Hokitika
NZ8831 Hokitika – Christchurch
NZ8840 Christchurch – Nelson
NZ8841 Nelson – Christchurch.