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10/08/17 Air New Zealand and Air New Zealand Link Cancellations.


The following Air New Zealand and Air New Zealand Link flights did not operate today:

NZ515 Auckland – Christchurch
NZ526 Christchurch – Auckland
NZ5063 Auckland – Nelson
NZ5064 Nelson – Auckland
NZ5075 Auckland – Nelson
NZ5078 Nelson – Auckland
NZ5081 Auckland – Nelson
NZ5084 Nelson – Auckland
NZ5103 Auckland – Palmerston North
NZ5106 Palmerston North – Auckland
NZ5189 Palmerston North – Christchurch
NZ5330 Christchurch – Wellington
NZ5331 Wellington – Christchurch
NZ5333 Wellington – Christchurch
NZ5336 Christchurch – Wellington
NZ5337 Wellington – Christchurch
NZ5340 Christchurch – Wellington
NZ5341 Wellington – Christchurch
NZ5346 Christchurch – Wellington
NZ5348 Christchurch – Wellington
NZ5355 Wellington – Christchurch
NZ5616 Christchurch – Hamilton
NZ5641 Christchurch – Queenstown
NZ5642 Queenstown – Christchurch
NZ5700 Invercargill – Christchurch
NZ5704 Invercargill – Christchurch
NZ5705 Christchurch – Invercargill
NZ5740 Dunedin – Christchurch
NZ5743 Christchurch – Dunedin
NZ5782 Christchurch – Rotorua
NZ5840 Christchurch – Nelson
NZ5843 Nelson – Christchurch
NZ8160 Gisborne – Auckland
NZ8190 Timaru – Wellington
NZ8202 Blenheim – Auckland
NZ8207 Auckland – Blenheim
NZ8212 Blenheim – Auckland
NZ8761 New Plymouth – Christchurch
NZ8762 Christchurch – New Plymouth
NZ8765 New Plymouth – Christchurch
NZ8800 Christchurch – Tauranga
NZ8830 Christchurch – Hokitika
NZ8831 Hokitika – Christchurch
NZ8841 Nelson – Christchurch
NZ8842 Christchurch – Nelson
NZ8842 Christchurch – Nelson
NZ8868 Paraparaumu – Auckland.