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Monthly Archives: September 2011

NZ850 Flight Cancellation.


Due to storms around Melbourne that closed Melbourne airport on three occasions the NZ850 Melbourne – Wellington was cancelled today.

Boeing 777-200ER Operations Problems.


With originally scheduled aircraft ZK-OKF having been sent to Beijing in place of ZK-OKA and with ZK-OKA not yet available for traffic this evenings NZ287 to Shanghai is delayed until tomorrow when it will be operated by ZK-OKD inbound from Vancouver as NZ83.

ZK-OKA NZ289 Technical Issue.


Boeing 777-219ER ZK-OKA arrived into Auckland as NZ5 from Los Angeles but was unable to operate its scheduled departure as NZ289 to Beijing. This flight is delayed until tomorrow when it will be operated by sister ZK-OKF inbound from Beijing as NZ288.

B747-400 ZK-NBV Returns from Xiamen Maintenance.


Boeing 747-419 ZK-NBV arrived into Auckland this morning as NZ6044 direct from Xiamen and re-entered service as NZ125 Auckland – Melbourne.

Air New Zealand Seats 2 Suit to Perth.


Seats 2 Suit is being trialled on the NZ175/NZ176 Auckland – Perth services. The Air New Zealand website also offers passengers the option of routes via Eastern Australian gateways via Virgin Australia codeshares.

B747-400 ZK-NBT Engine Incident.


Boeing 747-419 ZK-NBT operating NZ118 Sydney – Auckland was on approach to Auckland at around 1,000 feet when the #4 engine emitted a loud bang and and a streak of flame. Crew shut down the engine and continued for a safe landing.

Final Service for B747-400 ZK-NBW.


Boeing 747-419 ZK-NBW operated NZ138 Brisbane – Auckland today and is not scheduled to operate any further passenger services. The aircraft is expected to position Auckland – Los Angeles – Tel Aviv shortly for freighter conversion.

Mount Cook ATR72 ZK-MCO Hydraulic Failure.


Mount Cook ATR72-500 ZK-MCO operating NZ5090 Wellington – Hamilton suffered a hydraulic failure resulting in the crew getting an unsafe gear indication. Following a low overflight in order for the tower to inspect the gear a successful landing was accomplished. 

ZK-NCL Lightning Strike.


Boeing 767-319ER ZK-NCL encountered a lightning strike today on landing at Auckland.

ZK-OKN Back in Service with New Premium Economy Configuration.


Boeing 777-319ER ZK-OKN re-entered service today as NZ2 Auckland – Los Angeles – London Heathrow in 44J/44W/244Y configuration.

ZK-OKO Back in Service with Revised Premium Economy Cabin.


Boeing 777-319ER ZK-OKO re-entered service today as NZ2 Auckland – Los Angeles – London Heathrow in 44J/44W/244Y configuration.