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Monthly Archives: February 2012

ZK-NCG Positions from Sydney.


After arriving into Sydney today as NZ1963 from Papeete Boeing 767-319ER positioned Sydney – Auckland as NZ6064.

27/02/12 Flight Cancellations.


The NZ703/NZ704 Auckland – Sydney rotation did not operate today.

ZK-NCG Positions to Tahiti for Sydney Extra.


Boeing 767-319ER ZK-NCG positioned Auckland – Papeete this morning as NZ6063. It will then operate Papeete – Sydney as NZ1963.

747-400 ZK-NBU Withdrawn.


Boeing 747-419 ZK-NBU was withdrawn from service today after arriving into Auckland as NZ7 from San Francisco (depart San Francisco 25th February)

ZK-OKE NZ85 Emergency Auckland Return.


Boeing 777-219ER ZK-OKE operating NZ85 Auckland – Hong Kong returned to Auckland around 50 minutes after departure due to a smoke alert from a lavatory. The aircraft was able to depart Auckland again around three hours after returning.

26/02/12 Flight Cancellations.


NZ458 Wellington – Auckland and NZ557 Auckland – Christchurch did not operate today.

ZK-OKB Returns from Tahiti.


Boeing 777-219ER ZK-OKB arrived back into Auckland in the early hours of this morning having positioned from Papeete as NZ6007.

Auckland – Sunshine Coast Seasonal Service Announced.


Air New Zealand is to launch twice weekly Airbus A320 Auckland – Maroochydore services for an initial season of 1 July – 18 September 2012. Timings are:

NZ769 Auckland 0630 – Maroochydore 0825 Sunday.

NZ768 Maroochydore 0925 – Auckland 1440 Sunday.

NZ769 Auckland 1000 – Maroochydore 1155 Tuesday

NZ768 Maroochydore 1255 – Auckland 1800 Tuesday.

ZK-OKB Positions to Sydney for Tahiti Flight.


Boeing 777-219ER ZK-OKB positioned Auckland – Sydney this morning as NZ6006 then operated Sydney – Papeete as NZ1962.

ZK-OJI Positioning Flight.


Airbus A320 ZK-OJI positioned Auckland – Christchurch early this morning as NZ6007.

ZK-NCL Japanese Positioning Flight.


Having operated NZ1921 Auckland – Nagoya Boeing 767-319ER ZK-NCL then positioned Nagoya – Fukuoka as NZ6000 before operating Fukuoka – Auckland as NZ1920.

Auckland – Bali Schedule Announced.


Schedules for the twice weekly seasonal Auckland – Denpasar Boeing 767-300ER service have been released and are as follows:

NZ245 Auckland 2350 – Denpasar 0520+1 Tue, Sat.

NZ246 Denpasar 0725 – Auckland 1925 Wed, Sun.

Services commence on 19 June.

ZK-OAB Queenstown Extra.


Airbus A320 ZK-OAB operated an extra Auckland – Queenstown service this morning as NZ1919 positioning back to Auckland as NZ6622.

ZK-NGR Positioning Flight.


Boeing 737-33A ZK-NGR positioned Wellington – Christchurch today as NZ6739.

17/02/12 Flight Cancellations.


The following flights did not operate today:

NZ302 Christchurch – Auckland

NZ337 Wellington – Christchurch

NZ407 Auckland – Wellington

NZ429 Auckland – Wellington

NZ448 Wellington – Auckland

NZ542 Christchurch – Auckland

NZ845 Wellington – Sydney

NZ846 Sydney – Wellington.

16/02/12 Flight Cancellations.


The following flights did not operate today:

NZ356 Christchurch – Wellington

NZ357 Wellington – Christchurch

NZ411 Auckland – Wellington

NZ420 Wellington – Auckland

NZ517 Auckland – Christchurch.

ZK-OJM Positioning Flight.


Airbus A320 ZK-OJM positioned Auckland – Wellington very early this morning as NZ6805.

ZK-OJO Positioning Flight.


Airbus A320 ZK-OJO positioned Wellington – Auckland this morning as NZ6804.

15/02/12 Flight Cancellations.


The NZ792/NZ793 Auckland – Nuku’alofa rotation did not operate today.

ZK-OKN Los Angeles Technical Issue.


Boeing 777-319ER ZK-OKN arrived into Los Angeles today as NZ6 from Auckland however the return NZ5 has been delayed until tomorrow when it will be operated by sister ZK-OKP as NZ5D. ZK-OKP will turn immediately on arrival rather than layover for the usual twelve hours. It is hoped that ZK-OKN will be able to operate ZK-OKP’s scheduled NZ5 service tomorrow evening.

Air New Zealand 747-400 ZK-NBT Withdrawn.


Boeing 747-419 ZK-NBT was withdrawn from service today after arriving into Auckland as NZ7 from San Francisco. The aircraft was delivered on 31st October 1990 and entered service on 6th November 1990. This leaves two active Boeing 757-400s in the Air New Zealand fleet.

12/02/12 Flight Cancellations.


The following flights did not operate today:

NZ352 Christchurch – Wellington

NZ353 Wellington – Christchurch

NZ845 Wellington – Sydney

NZ846 Sydney – Wellington.

ZK-NCL Returns from Perth.


Boeing 767-319ER ZK-NCL departed Perth this afternoon to position to Auckland as NZ6002.

ZK-NCL Perth Technical Issue.


Boeing 767-319ER ZK-NCL arrived into Perth today as NZ175 however the return NZ176 has been cancelled indicating an issue with the aircraft.